10 May 2006 

I have not actually sat through a whole episode of CSI (apparently a sin in the eyes of my friends), but I am completely hooked on Numb3rs. Considering careers falls under my umbrella of workforce librarian, I got interested in what computer forensics entails. While a career as a computer forensics librarian is a little way off, I looked around for some interesting resources.

Forensic Focus seems to be the most interesting one I have found so far. They have articles that you can view on a variety of topics.

For you wiki fans, there is a Forensics Wiki that you can enjoy. It does not look complete but it could be interesting.

Then there is the Computer Forensics World site too and it has a Slashdot structure, complete with forums that you could post questions too. has an article on "How to become a Cyber-Investigator" and it will give you an idea about the certifications that might be required. Warning: It does not look cheap! But if you fancy being a Cyber-Investigator then why not?

There is a ton of books on Amazon too on this topic. I noticed that my local police department has a division for Computer Forensics and Analysis. I might have to see if they could share some other resources!