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19 April 2006 

Second Life is getting some great coverage in the Biblioblogosphere and why not? It has been fun to "meet" other librarians in the virtual library. Actually, you are not limited to meeting librarians either because there are many subcultures represented within the online realm.

A blog has been set up at
secondlifelibrary.blogspot.com and if you are in-world, please be sure to join us at 'Second Life Library 2.0'. You can click on 'Find' and do a search for that location. Also, be sure to click on the 'mature' checkbox under the search.

If you are in-world, you can find me by searching for Alessandro Brentano (perfect name for a football player). In the near future, I hope to do some presentations related to workforce librarianship in SL and it would be a good way to meet and chat!

You linix freak you. :-) Amazing what you can do with avatars these days.

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