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17 April 2006 

ReferenceWork is proud to present the 33rd installment of the Carnival of the InfoSciences. If you suffer from Coulrophobia - don't worry! The Carnival has been clown-free since August 2005!

That Krafty Librarian, Michelle Kraft, had a double dose of library goodness. First up, she talks about her experience when dealing with the question: "Now that you've got everything online, why do we need the library or library staff?" So what do you do when your library is a victim of it's own success?

Secondly, she questions the ethics behind registring to read free articles. So is BugMeNot bad for business?

Our next star is T. Scott , who also has a double dose for us this week. He first tackles the issue between scholarly research, Open Access and the publishers in his post titled "What does Open Access Cost?".

In the second scoop, he joins a group of three other "old guys" to talk about what they have learned in their century+ of experience.

Greg Schwartz of Open Stacks fame has been drooling about the possibilities of Second Life and libraries. He gleefully sent me over to Second Life Library 2.0 to check out what those hip kids are doing on that Internet thingy. Wicked!

Finally, if you have been dying to create a Firefox search plug-in for YOUR library's catalog and have not known how to do it, follow these simple instructions. In no time at all, you should have your very OWN search plug-in. Other libraries have it, so why not make one yourself?

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been fun but the curtains are falling on this lovely Carnival of the InfoScience #33, but if you want to get in on the next carnival, check out the submission guidelines and tune into LibraryStuff. Until next time!

Firefox search plugins are something I've been working with for a while now. Plenty of examples and a multi-media presentation on how to create them can be found on my site @ http://travelinlibrarian.info/Firefox/

Thanks Michael! Great resource.

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