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09 March 2006 

Lately, I have had more requests from community groups to do presentations about the Library's services. It got me thinking about how we could take this a step further. Now, we have never aggressively pursued these "gigs", but it might not be a bad idea to and for multiple reasons:

1) Groups get a speaker for FREE
Get feedback on why people do not use the library
3) Helps you practice your presentation skills
4) Sign people up for library cards
5) Shatter stereotypes about the library (I had a group that was surprised that a guy could be a librarian)

I am sure there are other reasons as well, but these are some that come to mind personally. If you have other ideas, e-mail me!

It's always been my contention that library surveys should not take place in the library, but instead in the grocery store. We know a lot more about our frequent users than we know about those who don't come by. I think speaking to community groups is fabulous -- maybe libraries should set up speakers bureaus on things that we teach in the library....

There is a disconnect between what libraries actually do and what patrons think we do. We have to be more present and responsive in the community because, at the end of the day, it is their tax dollars that keep our doors open!

Would you be interested in doing a conference on library blogs this fall?

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