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05 March 2006 

Alumni associations? As a great resource for scoping out careers? I was a little perplexed at this suggestion in "How to get any job with any major" by Donald Asher. All I remember from the alumni association was that they would ask me to donate money to the university when I could only afford food off the dollar menu! They needed to fire their PR person!

If I was in charge of their PR I would tout the major benefit: Access to tons of people in different states and countries - with whom you already have something in common! Now if you share this information with your patron, advise them to not rush to their alumni association and start begging for jobs. Alumni can be a friendly face in a new city, a future employer or even a mentor. If you are planning a career switch, it might not be a bad idea to hit up the ol' association and talk to someone who is in the field you want to be in. Also, some high schools might have even have their own alumni association.

Now the only thing is coughing up the money for the dues... $40 is feast at your nearest dollar menu!