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27 February 2006 

I've been nibbling on Donald Asher's book, "How to get any job with any major", for a little while now and it had some amusing moments. First off, I still cannot believe that Alan Greenspan was a music major! Secondly, Asher recalls how University of Texas imposed a strict hiring freeze with no exceptions - and they then went and hired a football coach! He says that the universal truth is that "companies are always hiring"; someone quits, retires, is laid off, on maternity leave and so on. Now if it was easier to convince everyone of this universal truth...

"First off, I still cannot believe that Alan Greenspan was a music major!"

That's good, because he wasn't.


"at NYU I majored first in finance and, as my interest broadened, in economics and in what was then called mathematical statistics and now econometrics."

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