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22 February 2006 

I have come to the conclusion that I have no ability to focus. With my interests ranging from Investing to Python to Jeet Kune Do, blogging has dropped in the charts. Ofcourse, this is not totally a bad thing because it meant spending more time figuring out what piques my interest. So far my ideal job would be a kung fu coding guru with a diversified portfolio!

It is important to acknowledge your interests and the fact that they can change over time. With that said, if you feel like you are not sure about where you want to be careerwise, look at the kind of books, newspaper articles, activities and so forth that grab your attention. Pay attention to what specifically excites you about the item. You like reading about podcasting/Web 2.0 and you love talking about it? Why not speak about those topics to different groups? Why not teach a class about it? Why not help a brother out, Schwartz? (Sorry, remember my focus problem :) )