21 September 2005 

Being a good organizer is a goal everyone should gravitate too. In the spirit of GTD and the Hipster PDA, I wanted to share a link to "PocketMod" - a Flash app that lets you create your personal, disposable organizer. Granted, it would be nice to have a Blackberry ($499), but this way is cheaper!

08 September 2005 

So the latest thing to do for me has been to keep a list of prospective groups that I would like to work with in the future. In fact, I even started keeping files on prominent individuals in the company. No, I am not a stalker and the information I get is from newspaper clippings, Business Source Premier, a local business journal and Google searches. Test it out for yourself the next time you enter a meeting.

Do a quick Google search on the person you are going to meet. Find out what their title is, if they are on any boards or committees, interviews they may have given and so forth. You may even find out about a person's likes! I found out that a lady I was going to meet was a die-hard Buffy fan. So I went over to the shelves and picked up a "Watcher's guide to Buffy" before the meeting. A few minutes before we started, I presented it to her and asked her what she thought was the best season. Sure, she was surprised and we had a good chat about it before moving into our agendas. Great ice breaker!!

If you can research before going into a job interview, why not do it before meeting someone? Adopt a little aggressive mindset and conduct some research (we are librarians... We love research) You have to connect with people somehow to leave a lasting impression!

07 September 2005 

Its finally good to get back to blogging after a hectic Labor Day weekend. During the week, I managed to pick up a copy of "The Illiad" by Homer. The very first line grips you:

"Rage - Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son Achilles..."

Some of you may still have memories of the summer blockbuster "Troy", where Brad Pitt played the famed warrior. Achilles' obsession for glory is complete; nothing short of excellence. When I was thinking about what to post, I started going back to my own job hunting. I said that I really wanted a job, but I would be lying if I said that I devoted the energy it deserved. Would it not be nice to have the same drive for job hunting that Achilles had for glory?

Remind your unemployed patrons that job hunting is a job in itself. There is no time limit on how long it takes you to get a job. Sometimes, it is a week; other times it is 20 weeks. It is important to treat job searching as a 9 to 5 job. You cannot spend an hour a weekend and expect a flood of jobs. If you are frustrated, change up your tactics - join/create a job seekers group, let family and friends know about your job seeking, etc. BUT, don't do it half-heartedly because you would have no one to blame but yourself.

Remember, it took the Acheans (Greeks) 10 years to conquer Troy!