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24 August 2005 

People come up with really creative ways to get their resume out. Recently, I came across an animated resume done in Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash?), where the main character walked about and spoke about his job credentials. Now, I have not invested much time in Flash and, even though the animation was interesting, I wondered if it would be considered "professional" (Perhaps if you were into graphic art, it would be a great idea).

Ofcourse, as the saying goes - "where there is a will, there is a way". At Wowresumes.com, you can create you own professional looking Flash resume (no random character mucking about) and have them burn it to mini CDs that you could give out at a job fair, interview, etc.

I would suggest trying a free "preview" on their site, where you can create your very own Flash resume and see what it is like. The next step would be to pick up a book about Flash and create your own animated resume. This way you learn Flash and have something else to add on your resume!