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01 August 2005 

I am not a master networker, but I am well-aware of the need to strive to become one. The underrated skill of networking is crucial for job seekers. Frankly, it is a pretty crucial skill for those workforce librarians that are looking to connect with groups within the community. Networking will open you up to the world of unadvertised jobs and other rewarding activities. Unfortunately, where does one even begin to acquire such a skills? Ebay, perhaps?

While Ebay had no listings, I found solace in Harvey Mackay's book, "Dig your well before you're Thirsty". It is not a new book and you should be able to find a copy on your library shelves. Highly recommended! I tried out some of the concepts that I learnt from this book to work and was able to get free financial workshops at my library. Rather than listening to a review from just me, click on the image to hop over to Amazon.com and look at the reviews. Let me know what you think!