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13 August 2005 

At work, we love using the "ReferenceUSA" database for information relating to a particular business or businesses within the US. You can get contact information, estimated sales, the line of business, etc. It even has a nice feature that lets you search Google News to see if the company has been in the headlines lately. Most of the time, we use it to retrieve a specific detail (maybe a toll-free number) for a patron.

So how can one use this tool to aid their job search? Let us suppose a patron is seeking an accounting job in Austin, TX. You could begin by performing a keyword search for the "Standard Industrial Classification" (SIC) number for "accounting" using the SIC Search tool. My results were:

3578 Calculating and Accounting Machines, Except Electronic Computers
5044 Office Equipment
5311 Department Stores
5943 Stationery Stores
7291 Tax Return Preparation Services
8721 Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services
9199 General Government, Not Elsewhere Classified

So we know "8721" is the SIC number we want. We can now hop over and perform a "Custom Search" in ReferenceUSA, which enables us to search by SIC, Yellow Page heading, NAICS, City, Metro Area, etc. I selected "Primary SIC" and "City" as my criteria for the search. In goes "8721" and "Austin, TX" - out comes 584 results. From a job seekers perspective, that means 584 possible employers.
The search could be refined and limited to specific zip codes, number of employees, sales volume, foreign parent, public companies, etc.

Hopefully this gets you thinking about how to use your databases in more creative ways.

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